Sermon On The Mount

Matthew 5-7

Build Your Life On God’s Word
May 30, 2021    Pastor Chris & April Hinkle    Hearing is the invitation to faith, Romans 10:17, true faith requires obedience, James 1:22, storms reveal what we have built our life on
Choose Jesus
May 23, 2021    Pastor Chris Hinkle    In a world with two options: choose Jesus, Following Jesus is hard and costly, fruit always reveals what’s in the heart, There is no substitute for obedience, Luke 6:46, John 14:15
Living Dependent On God
May 16, 2021    Pastor Chris    Our Heavenly Father wants us to depend on Him, prayer is living dependent on God, ask, seek, knock, God only gives good gifts, Holy Spirit, our worth, value & identity are found in God not others
Everybody Responds To Love
May 9, 2021    Pastor April & Pastor Toni    A critical attitude reveals a critical heart, Seeing clearly will restore others in love, Galatians 6:1, Consider the Gospel Precious
Seek First His Kingdom
May 2, 2021    Pastor Doug    Perspective, pursuit, praise, don’t let tomorrow ruin today, seek first His Kingdom
Living Singularly Devoted To God
Apr 25, 2021    Pastor April    Live for God’s approval, focus on kingdom treasures, be satisfied by God alone, worry enslaves us
Prayer: Why and How
Apr 18, 2021    Pastor Chris Hinkle    Prayer Matters, Why we pray matters, How we pray matters, praise, purpose, provision, purity, power, protection
It’s Now or Forever
Apr 11, 2021    Pastor Toni Hinkle    Applause of man, reward of God, to be seen by them, we are to give, give in secret, delayed gratification
Demand Justice or Live in Grace
Mar 28, 2021    Pastor’s Doug & Toni Hinkle    Cultural Standard, Kingdom Standard, retaliation, go the extra mile, hate your enemy or love your enemy,
Reflecting the Righteousness of Christ
Mar 21, 2021    Pastor April Hinkle    How we treat others can reflect God’s righteousness, what labels are we putting on others, we can honor God’s name and bring Him glory, Motives matter
Motives Of the Heart - Anger & Lust
Mar 14, 2021    Pas    God is concerned with the motives of our heart, murder, adultery, deep issues, deal radically with sin, confess, admit
Image Bearers
Mar 7, 2021    Pastor Doug Hinkle    Kingdom of God is embodied in Jesus, Law of God is embodied in Jesus, Promise of God is embodied in Jesus, Mediation of God is embodied in Jesus, Glory of God is embodied in Jesus
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