Did you know that people normally remember:
10% of what they read
20% of what they hear
30% of what they see
70% of what they discuss
80% of what they experience
We grow most significantly when we are experiencing life together, which is why ROOTED is so important.

Rooted is a 10 week community experience that is a catalyst for life-change by launching each of us deeper in our relationship with God.
Rooted provides an opportunity for connecting with God, the church and the purpose God has for each of us. It is a significant commitment with 5 days of homework a week, 10 week commitment for to the 2 hour Rooted session and being willing to share what you're walking through with your small group. Trust us, it is worth it!
Rooted is for anyone and everyone. This is for those who haven't yet started a relationship with God, those who are new believers and for those who have been disciples of Jesus for a long time. We all need this.

Rooted will be on Tuesdays, starting February 9th from 6-8pm.
Cost is $25 for a workbook and t-shirt
Make sure to sign up